Going back to the Fig Tree


In the last two weeks in Heart of God Church, my pastors, Pastor Lia and Pastor How preached a two part series about spending time under the fig tree – spending time with God and being in His presence. I was so impacted by what my pastors preached and it really reminded me of the importance of spending time in God’s presence.

One of the things that really impacted me in part one last week was Pastor Lia’s phrase “While salvation is free, there is a price for God’s presence. The price is time.”

Christianity is not a religion. It is a relationship that we have with God. And all relationships take time. A relationship with God, while unlike other relationships in many ways, still follows the general rule of relationships – Time. For any relationship to grow, time and effort needs to be invested in it. The Bible is filled with comparisons to help us conceptualize our relationship with God. For example, Christ is depicted as the bridegroom, and the Church is depicted as the bride. Marriage is two joining their lives as one (Genesis 2:24). Such intimacy involves time spent alone with one another. Another relationship is that of father and child. Close parental relationships are those in which children and parents have special “alone time” together. Spending time alone with a loved one provides the opportunity to truly come to know that person. Spending time alone with God is no different. When we’re alone with God, we draw closer to Him and get to know Him in a different way than we do in group settings.

Jesus loves us, so He died on the cross for us. That is His gift to us. It is free. However His presence, His precious presence can only be bought with our time!

As a worshiper and a musician in God’s house, whatever power, whatever anointing comes from us spending time under the fig tree. Without it, we are simply musicians. No different from musicians playing sappy love songs.

Also, this week, Pastor How preached on a part two of under the fig tree. (I love having 2 senior Pastors in my church!) Pastor How preached that the church is not just an organisation, it is a spiritual organism. And organisms need to be fed. In this case, the church’s ‘food’ is the prayers of the saints – us! As much as we want to be as creative, as world class, as strategic as Google or Apple Inc, it is all pointless if there is no presence of God. Therefore we, as the church need to pray!

Pastor How also shared that the goodness of God is that He will, the greatness of God is that He can, and the promises of God are conditional! God’s promises will only come to pass IF we pray…only IF we pray. I believe that when we pray, through God, all things are possible! I remember hearing a sermon a few months back from Pastor Phill Pringle. He said that prayer is as vast as God because He is in it. As vast as God! With God, we have the power to move anything when we pray!

We have a God that is great. He is the Lord of lords, King of kings. Just thinking of that puts me in awe of God. Come what may, some times instead of handling everything with out own strength, we just need to pray and go back under our fig trees. Personally and corporately as a church, I believe that whatever we pray and ask in prayer (under the fig tree) will be done for us.

These two weeks have been a blast for me. It really reminded me of the importance of spending time with God and being intimate with Him.

I can’t wait to be found again and again under the fig tree with my God in prayer and worship. See you guys there too!


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