For His Glory

Recently, my company, i.Poise Pte. Ltd. has won the award of Top 100 SME of 2014 from the Singapore Elite Enterprises! Just last friday, my mum, Grace and I were invited to attend the gala dinner to receive this award.

Here are some of the pictures we took!






After receiving the award, we chatted with the other entrepreneurs that were present there and had a great dinner. It was really a fun night with good food and where I got the chance to mingle and know successful business people in Singapore.

When we reached home, apart from being happy about the award, it came to me that this is our company’s first award that we won – our first official achievement. This made me remember about what Pastor Cecilia shared in the past. Before she became a pastor, she was a Straits Times Sports News Journalist, and Pastor Cecilia shared that the very first time that her article was published on the front page of the Sports section, the first thing she did was not to show her friends or to celebrate, but as she took the newspaper, she knelt down to worship and give thanks to God. Pastor shared that this was to tell God that above all, He will always be number 1 in her life and she would always glorify God.

Immediately, I got down to my knees with the award in my hand and thanked God for His faithfulness to i.Poise and my family. As I worshiped, I declared that i.Poise belongs to Him, and this business would be nothing without Him. Whatever achievements that we would have from here on, God will always be number 1. I recommitted this business into God’s hands and that this business and its successes are ultimately to glorify and to serve Him. As the verse says in Joshua 24:15 (NKJV) “…But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”, my family and I will always be found serving and glorifying God in whatever ways we know how, be it in our lives or in business, it will always be to glorify and serve Him. My father, Seah, has been living out this verse and has always taught this to me since I was a little boy. Now as a man, I will carry on with this verse and pass it on to my family and to its future generations to come.

I am just so thankful for God’s favour upon i.Poise. God has been opening so many doors and opportunities for us. I believe that this award is but the tip of the iceberg compared to what God has planned out for us!


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