Faith-Based Decision Making


“The economy of the Kingdom of God is quite simple.
Every new step in the Kingdom costs us everything we have gained to date.
Every time we cross a new threshold, it costs us everything we now have.
Every new step may cost us all the reputation and security we have accumulated up to that point.
It costs us our life.

A disciple is always ready to take the next step.
If there is anything that characterizes Christian maturity,
it is the willingness to become a beginner again for Jesus Christ.
It is the willingness to put our hand in His and say, “‘I’m scared to death, but I’ll go with you.
You’re the Pearl of great price.’”
– John Wimber

Such a powerful weekend! Pastor How preached in Heart of God Church on making decisions based on faith and not fear! This inspired me so much as in my job, making decisions is part of my everyday life. Should I hire this staff or that staff? Should I invest in A or B? Should I market the company this way? And a lot of these situations, it is so easy to shrink back and make the decision based on fear and keep in my comfort zone. However breakthroughs only happen when we move out of faith! Like the story of the 4 lepers, when we move, God moves. And when God moves, miracles happen, doors of opportunities will open for us!

Another thing that Pastor How preached that got me thinking was when he compared Job, a man with so much to lose, and the 4 lepers, men with nothing to lose. This got me to think, which of these 2 groups will I be in as I am now, as I am when I’m in my 40s and as I am when I’m in my 80s. If I have achieved much in my lifetime, would I want to play it safe or keep moving forward. There and then I made the decision, that I will be always on the offence, always taking new ground. As John Wimber said, I will be willing to lose everything and be a beginner again for Jesus Christ! Sure it is terrifying to lose everything we have gained to date and start all over, but where God is, there I will follow. After all, He is the Pearl of great price!

I can’t wait for part 2 of Faith-Based Decision Making this coming weekend! I wouldn’t miss it for the world!!


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